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Scaffolds or matrices based on extracellular matrix (ECM)-inspired biomaterials play a central role in the repair of tissue damage. Cell matrices can optimise the physiologically relevant 3D microenvironment of the cells and prevent graft cell death.

New revolutionary injectable microcarrier

Fujifilm developed a new injectable microcarrier which is particularly interesting for applications in regenerative medicine. The unique feature of the macroporous microcarrier is that the cell harvesting step after expansion can be eliminated. After 3D cell culturing the cells and biomaterial can be jointly transplanted to the patients, where the cell matrix serves as temporary ECM.


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Macroporous microspheres

In optimisation of 3D cell culturing processes many factors play a role. Besides size, type, and conditions of culture vessels, also the characteristics of the microcarriers are of importance. These microcarriers provide an artificial microenvironment allowing cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions in all three dimensions. They further provide a high nutrient and gas exchange rate.

BIO Europe 2018

Fujifilm takes on the challenge of making regenerative medicine a reality. Meet us at the BIO Europe in Copenhagen, 5-7 November 2018. Last year in Berlin Fujifilm presented their regenerative medicines initiatives. Watch the YOUTUBE videos for an overview of our presence and presentation at Europe's largest life science partnering conference.